Other Services That Support Your Business Needs

Besides payment solutions, we also offer other services to complement or augment your business operations. This includes:
  • Digital Receipt Management System (DRMS) if your business does not currently have an application to provide you a real-time view of all the transactions completed on our payment terminals deployed for you.
  • Payment Integration Services if your business requires us to integrate our payment terminals to your existing POS system, vending machines, kiosks etc.
  • One Value System (OVS) if your business is looking for a stored value system to manage monetary-related benefits given to your regular customers or to your employees on our payment terminals.
  • The indicative cost for these services:
  • DRMS subscription at competitive pricing
  • Payment Integration Services fees is one-time charge per POS/vending machine/kiosk application regardless of the number of payment terminals deployed
  • OVS cost will depend on the implementation scope
Digital Receipt Management System
Digital Receipt Management System (DRMS) provides you a real time online portal to track and download the transactions of all the cashless payment acceptance that you have signed up for. You will be able to extract transactions using various filter criteria as well as retrieving digital receipt copies eliminating the need for storing physical receipts

  • Captures information such as payment type and amount

  • Stores signature which enables retrieval for chargeback resolution

  • Provides real-time viewing

  • Allows export to Excel

Payment Integration Services
Payment Integration Services are available if there are requirements for us to integrate our payment terminals with your existing POS system, vending machines or kiosks. Some technical standards and information are as follows (details can be worked out with your technical team or your POS/vending machine/kiosk vendor):

    POS Integration:
  • broad interface compatibility: MDB protocol, JVMA/VCCS protocol (with converter), Serial / USB / Inter-App proprietary protocol

  • Wired Countertop Terminals:
  • USB, RS232, IP

  • Wireless Countertop Terminals:
  • IP, Pay@Table (a wireless payment solution which allows merchant to print the itemised bill from the wireless payment terminal)

  • Kiosk & Vending Machines:
  • MDB, USB, RS232, IP

One Value System
One Value System (OVS) is a digital platform to aid businesses or organizations in the distribution of vouchers, goods or services. OVS offers 4 key values:

  • Remote Dispensing– funds in the form of digital balance to users

  • Targeted use – for subsidy purchase at designated retail or food outlet

  • Auditable trail – funds dispensed can be traced to individual recipient

  • Data Analytics
  • Frequency of purchase

  • Type of purchase

  • Profile of use