Overall Solutions

Some of the solutions we provide our customers are:

POS Integration (ECR Interface)

Wired Countertop Terminals

  • USB
  • RS232
  • IP

Wireless Countertop Terminals

  • IP
  • Pay @ Table
  • Integrated Smart POS

Kiosk & Vending Machines

  • MDB
  • USB
  • RS232
  • IP

Pay @ Table

Pay @ Table Solution is a wireless payment solution which allows merchant to print the itemised bill from the wireless payment terminal.


  • Saves time as cashier can print the itemised bill for customer to check and upon confirmation, immediately make payment and close the table. This in turn translates to faster table turnover time.
  • Provides customers peace of mind as their credit card is always within sight, eliminating opportunities for theft or skimming of card details.


DRMS is a Digital Receipt Management System that provides subscribers a real time online portal to track and download the transactions of all the cashless payment acceptance that they have signed up for. Subscribers will be able to extract transactions using various filter criteria as well as retrieving digital receipt copies eliminating the need for storing physical receipts.

One Value

One Value is a proprietary stored valued system where the operator can control the benefits given to each user/employee.


  • Operator will have full control over the operations from allocations of benefits and validity period.
  • No MDR fees
  • Control over float


Telemetry solution provides Japanese vending machine operators a remote monitoring system and a wider payment acceptance offering to end-users.  With the remote monitoring, it promotes efficiency and productivity such as,

  • allowing better inventory planning and forecast
  • eliminating redundant visits with optimized visit schedule to the vending machine
  • increasing the quality of service maintenance of the machines with timely servicing
  • reduces machine downtime with real-time status of machine and network provided
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