PCI PED MagIC3 P-series

Processor SoC ARM7 32-bit Secure Processor
Display 128*64 pixels – Backlight on P-5
Keyboard 15 + 3 key keypad:
• 10 numeric keys (0-9)
• 3 colored keys (green, yellow, red) - 3 function keys
Keys resistant to hydro-carburant products
Backlight on P-5
Communication and Connectivity USB A 2.0 full speed compliant 1.5 meter length cable
Card reader Smart card reader EMV 4.1 certified
Security PCI PED certified
3DES and RSA algorithm Master Session and DUKPT key management
Security shield for PIN entry
Physical Length: 142mm
Width: 82mm
Height: 43mm
Environmental ROHS compliant
Operating temperature: 0-45°C/32-115°F
Relative humidity 90% max